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The use of prepaid meter is not new in our world of today, this prepaid meter has been designed in such as way that both the user and the disco aren’t cheating each other, you only pay for the amount of electricity been used in your home. But many consumers have found a way to bypass this meter in such a way that they use more than what they pay for. This anti-theft alarm will notify the authorities if any house is stealing electricity.
since our electric load is calculated using its power rating, and power is equal to the Current * Voltage(P = IV). we can know our voltage by just measuring the input voltage that comes into the house which is likely to be between 200 to 230V. and our current can be measured by using a current sensor (e.g ACS712), the current varies with the amount of power consumed. since Power consumed from the electric pole must be equals to the power consumed in the house and must be equals to the power passing through the prepaid meter, so we use one current sensor to measure the current passing through the wire going into the house before the meter then multiply it through the voltage coming in to get the power the house is consuming, another current sensor is placed after the meter to measure the current passing through the prepaid meter. if power before meter equals power after meter “NO THEFT FOUND” but if the power before the meter is higher than current after meter “THEFT FOUND” the system uses SIM800 which is GSM Module to communicate with the disco. so if theft is found the device sends a message through SMS to the disco.

Schematic diagram

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